Thursday, September 29, 2011

A-levels were invented to KILL ME.

Hello freinds ect.

Lost in Words is on pause DX
I don't know for how long, and I don't want to. But I have so much homework, I can't do both. And well... in the end; A-levels = University = Career = Money = Free Time.
however; Me + All work + No play = a dead me. So I won't be on chat until I'm free, and will try to write when I have time.

There is SO MUCH I want to write and draw. This is my mental list, transcribed for your pleasure
Lost in Words
New Fic (Planned, not much more than that at the moment)
Purple Roses intro - basically how I became a Purple Rose (MI5 are involved. It stems from my secret love of emotionless spy novels - Alex Ryder and the ones by Andy McNab, predominantly.)
The Medival thing - its a thing! Anyone can use this now, if they want! (just credit me, okay?)
Pirate -  I have so many plans for this... the god ship Bentley, Captain Plesant and the stowaway Cain... Plus China in this dress!  (Dammit, just ANY of these! )

OC's - Kallistas, NJ's, Niall, Gepard, Skyril, BB, MINE!!
China in multiple dresses (see above)
Darquesse and Lord Vile. (HIGHLIGHT TO SEE SPOILERS oh god please work) - a la the poses on the front of DB. 
Front cover of Lost in Words (which, due to how much it neeeeeeeeeeds to be drawn, shows most likelyhood of being drawn)
Me, Niall, Gepard, Jasmine, NJ and BB in the whole bizzare steampunk/edwardian family thing...
Hadestown - I have sketches already... *sighs*
Growth chart of Valkyrie - okay, okay, I just want to draw her in her dresses!
China X Eliza                             but don't worry too much, I think Meiri on DA has this in the works...
Hester Shaw and Tom Natsworthy - I love these two so much. Mortal Engines
Oh, and Fever Crumb.
ALMOST EVERYONE FROM CHAOS WALKING. Todd, Viola, Davy Prentiss (who needs more love) Cillian & Ben, Mayor Prentiss (who does not need more love.) and WILF. 

There is so much more. Ideas never know what time it is...

Oh god, I don't want to live in the real world. 


  1. OMG
    all that sounds JEPICA (my friend has me say that instead now, she is a HUGE Jedward fan, she says JEPIC, so y'know that's how that came about) ANYWAY that is a lot of ideas you have, you better write them down so you don't forget!!
    Hope to talk soon :) my GCSE's are starting to get me working now. :(
    I hope you get some time to relax you'll definitely deserve it :)

  2. *cough* Lost in Words ff first please *cough*

    Can't wait for the list to play itself out :D Good luck, Ven!

  3. Aww.

    Mortal Engines and Chaos Walking I love.

    Would love to see your art for those.