Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lost In Words part 9: Explendesco

Israel was in the kitchen when the bell rang. He grumbled as he dried his hands, and stomped off to open the main door. Magic would make this easier somehow, but he had better things to do. Like supervise cookie-making. The second he opened the door to see his old friend standing there, looking like a pissed off Tinkerbelle.
“Venice, what the hell…?”
“Kal made glitter glue.”
“What, while you were driving?”
Niall appeared to be covered head to toe in the stuff, and both he and Kal (who had somehow managed to only have it in her hair) were attempting to coax down Gepard, who had clambered on top of the car and refused to come down.
Israel couldn’t take his eyes off of them.
“It’s like a scene from a sweded Twiglet…”
“Twilight?” she turned, seeing the scene. She rolled her eyes and rubbed her head
 “Oh the joys of my life…” she commented in a sing-song voice as she went to separate them before someone found the explosives in the seat backs.


so.................... *cough* It turns out that the Elysium Aslyuim is in Ireland.
  Not Australia.

To re-write, or not to re-write, that is the question.

Probably will re-write, because it makes it so much eaiser, and alliviates the problem of a plot hole on the horizion.

also, why the hell did I write Kal sad... I think I had a plot oe summat with it, BUT IT NO LONGER MAKES SENSE TO ME. so also, HAPPEH KAL.