Monday, October 3, 2011

Lost In Words part 8: We must love one another or die.

Kallista and Gepard watched as Niall stormed out of the room.
“Oh that’s just grand” commented Gepard. Kallista said nothing. In fact, now that he thought about it, she hadn’t said anything the moment Ven had mentioned the hit on Octaboona. “Kal…?” he inquired. She turned away from him, face screwed up.
“Hello? Anyone there? Israel left the thing on, stupid bloke.” A voice with a weak English accent came out of the speakers. Gepard moved into the webcams line of sight
“Hello? No, no one’s here, only me.” Gepard grinned at the boy with flames for hair. Young, younger than him, but he looked like he could handle himself magically, if not physically. As he sat down on the sofa facing it, another boy came into shot, with oddly icy hair.
“Hey. Nice place you’ve got there” his accent was similar to the first boy, although he looked older by far. Always something, he thought to himself.
“So, boys, I’m Gepard Valk.”
“Pyro-Dawn Tyromant”
“Chanoro Flashfreeze”
“Right” said Pyro, taking control of the situation, the desperation in his eyes betraying his youth. “Octaboona’s gone, and Israel is doing nothing! I mean, how can he be doing nothing!?” Chanoro leant on the chair and put a hand on his friends shoulder.
“Gepard. I’m going to guess that you know a bit of what’s going on, right?” Gepard nodded “Epica. That’s going to save us a fair bit of time” Ignoring him, both Chanoro and Pyro looked to their left, towards the door Gepard assumed. A young girl walked gloomily into view, her face pouting. She sat herself next to Pyro, face eerily steely for a face as seemingly innocent as hers.
“I want to know if you will help us find Octaboona or not. If yes, then brilliant, we’ll start making a plan immediately. If not… well then just go away!” The young girl had an upper class English accent, far stronger than the two boys. As if Venice’s messed up accent wasn’t bad enough thought Gepard. He hoped she was okay. Both Venice and the girl.
“Quinnera.” The word escaped Kallistas lips without a second thought.
 “Kallista, what are they talking about!?” Kallista shrugged off the blanket and moved so she was visible to them.
“Kal!? Kallista!?” the Australian trio were shocked.
“Where have you been?”
“What happened?!”
“Are you okay!?”
“I’m fine. I… I just had to leave… I left a note. Quinn, I swear I’ll help find Octa.”
“Kally! I missed you. We all did. Dragona is being a right poo-poo-head without you here. And no one thinks that sweeties are a suitable breakfast! Not even the boys!” she would of continued like this, were it not for an interruption.
“Dragona? You don’t mean Dragona Pine, do you?” Venice had just descended from the spiral staircase, shivering slightly, followed by Niall who looked significantly less cold and windswept. Pyro, Chanoro and Quinnera nodded.
“The one and only” muttered Chanoro.
“Wait. You know him?”
“Indeed… oh Israel we are going to have words… But later. For now, let us focus on more pressing matters” She put an arm around Kal’s shoulder as she sat on the arm of the chair.
“Kal, are you okay?” Kallista nodded and leant into her friend. “Right. So you three know Octa, correct?” the three in question nodded.
“Well, as far as you can know that man. He’s a bit of a… what’s the word? En-summat…” Chanoro pouted slightly as he thought
“Enigma?” Niall, leaning on the same chair.
“That’s the one.” Venice smiled weakly.
“Okay. So, what do we know about him?”
“He’s intelligent, kinda tall, has a powerful stature too. He also has a bit of an odd accent, not too far off from yours. He is a pacifist though, so no real muscular structure to speak of. Not that he needs it” Pyro spoke up first.
“He’s smart and funny and sweet and clever and kind. And he really likes the colour purple. And books.” Quinn chewed on her thumb. “I take it this means you’re going to help?” It was Venice’s turn to nod.
“I don’t like going behind Israel’s back. However, he seems to have no qualms about doing the same to me, and I intend to find him anyway. I won’t speak for the others though”.
“You know I will Ven. How could you do it without me?”
“You mean me! Yeah, me too Venny, after all, doesn’t every story need at least one sexy, sexy man?”
“Yeah Gep? I think we're covered for that.”
“Don’t call Venice a man Niall! That’s so mean! I know she acts like one, but she’s the best chance you’ve got of ever seeing someone naked on purpose, for reals.” Niall just replied with a sceptical look, and Venice was grinning again. 
“Thank you for calling me sexy Gep, I know I am, it’s a gift. Niall, I’m sure you can get lots of lovely ladies, or men, should you so choose. Kallista, are you okay?” Kal nodded in reply, and Venice pulled her close. “You can explain later luv. Now, someone introduce me to this trio of misfits.”
Introductions were shortly made, along with an explanation of their magical skills.
Before they could move onto planning, however, there was a knock on the door to Israel’s office.
“Bugger” said Chan. Fortunately, it wasn’t their guardian, but a few more of the residents.
“Ma’am, you HAVE to save Octa, I don’t care what Israel says, he taught me to write poetry.” demanded a
“We’ve already said yes. Don’t worry, from what I’ve heard, I’m sure he’s just grand. We were just about to start planning, before you interrupted.” Niall said this all with an oddly paternal smile tweaking his lips.
“Good. Niall, sort out any of last night’s notes that are relevant, Kal, could you take a register? That could come in handy. I’m going to make a few calls…” she wobbled slightly as she got up. Gepard coughed to get her attention.
“What about me? Sit here and look pretty?”
“Hm? No, you can make us some tea and breakfast. In fact, I rather fancy a sandwhich…”

Tired and hormoney when I finished this, hence the title quote.